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Tweak Unity With Unsettings 0.08, Now With Ubuntu 12.10 Support

Por: Andrew

Unsettings, a tool that lets you tweak Unity, has reached version 0.08, getting support for Unity 6 and thus Ubuntu 12.10.

Unsettings 0.08 brings some new features as well:

  • option to force fast minimize animation
  • option to force low graphics mode
  • show real name on panel
  • option to disable online search results in Dash
  • Unity WebApps support
  • UI tweaks
  • more

Unsettings can be used to tweak most Unity settings, like disabling the global menu or overlay scrollbars, change the GTK or icon theme and many others. Here’s a list of Unsettings features:
  • Launcher look: change size, opacity, background colour
  • Launcher behaviour: change visibility, reveal trigger, edge responsiveness, reveal pressure, autohide animation, urgent animation, launch animation, backlight mode
  • Dash: change size, blur, enable or disable apps available for download, recently used apps, search all files, online search results
  • Panel: change opacity, opaque if maximized, show real name on the panel, show/hide battery status and an option to whitelist application to show up in the systray
  • Indicators: show/hide bluetooth and sound indicators, set which media players are ignored by the Ubuntu sound indicator
  • Fonts: change the font (for the desktop, window title, monospaced, etc.), hinting and antialiasing
  • Windows: set minimize animation, overlay scrollbars behaviour (including an option to disable it), enable/disable global menu, HUD, click to focus, auto raise, set the automaximize value
  • Desktop: change the number of workspaces, enable/disable icons on the desktop, shortcut overlay, alt-tab behaviour, set the next monitor pressure
  • Web Apps: enable/disable webapps, set pre-authorized web apps, enable or disable specified web apps
  • Themes: options to change the theme: GTK, window, icon or cursor theme. There’s also an option to force low graphics mode
  • GTK: show mnemonics, display icons in buttons or menus, cursor blink.

A few more Unsettings screenshots:


Install Unsettings

Unsettings 0.08 supports Ubuntu 12.10, 12.04 and 11.10, but obviously the options available in Unsettings depend on the Unity version you’re using. To add the PPA and install the latest Unsettings, use the commands below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diesch/testing
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unsettings

You can also download Unsettings without adding the PPA, from HERE.

If you encounter bugs, report them @ Launchpad.


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