Cliente: Necesitamos que más gente venga al negocio. ¿Puedes hacer unos carteles y unos volantes? Y tambien un tríptico con toda la información, pero todos que sean serios y profesionales, para no dar mala impresión.

Yo: Ok, si necesita X cantidad de carteles, volantes y trípticos le saldría en $$$$ por el diseño y las impresiones otros $$$$.

Cliente: No, tu nada mas hazlos y traeme uno de cada uno. Ya después le sacamos un chorro de copias a todo.

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I had a lengthy Facebook discussion with some of my friends from physics regarding this. The conclusion was that this comic assumes that there are absolute spatial coordinates which are sun-centric. However, in reality, the (more or less) inertial frame of the Earth is no less absolute than the sun-centric system, so there is no reason to assume that you wouldn’t reappear in the frame you left (i.e. the Earth’s), rather than moving to a new one (which is the sun-centric frame).

Basically, the comic assumes absolute space, which is incorrect according to Galilean relativity and Einstein’s relativity. Boom.

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Is this the real life, or 8-bit fantasy?
These classic games are my escape from reality
Blow on the cart, insert and press start with me.


Vía: Geeks are Sexy Technology News